Apr 16 2015

Why are companies now investing in corporate massage?

The concept of having a massage therapist come to your place of work is not new, however the number of employers that are now incorporating a corporate massage programme into their reward and benefits packages is steadily increasing. So, why is there this growing interest in corporate massage? The answer may be found in the increasing wealth of evidence that investing in your people has many tangible business benefits.

According to Professor Sayeed Khan, Chief Medical Officer at EEF, businesses have a fantastic potential to improve the health and wellbeing of their people. But why should employers act? Because it’s important for employers to recognise that happy and healthy people will perform better, will attend better, will have less accidents at work and will stay with that employer rather than move on.

Corporate chair massage can be an effective tool to help combat the aches and pains people pick up from sitting at a computer all day, helping to keep staff productivity high and absence rates low. Prevention is definitely better than cure and businesses that invest in the health and wellbeing of their staff experience returns that are typically greater than the initial investment.

Some of the benefits of corporate massage therapy include:

Effectively manages workplace stress
Reduces sickness absence and presenteeism
Reduces employee turnover through improved staff retention
Increases energy levels, team morale & motivation
Helps your staff achieve a good work-life balance
Organisations now realise just how expensive it is for employees to be under performing and how employee wellbeing initiatives like on site chair massage have a positive impact on company performance and profitability.


any office will be left behind if they do not look after their staff and this is on of the best ways in looking after them.

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