Apr 28 2015

Dalk (Therapeutic Massage) & Their Indication for Musculoskeletal Disorder in Unani Medicine

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Massage is one of those terms, which are easily understood then expressed. Throughout the history massage has been used not only by sick but also by the healthy people for therapeutic, restorative as well as preventive purposes. Massage is probably one of the oldest healing therapies known to mankind. The message of massage is universal: you can use your hand to help literally anyone. One of the many reasons for its increased popularity is that massage allows us to reach out and to touch each other. It is a formalized touches; giving us a licence to touch within clearly defined boundaries 1. In Unani system of medicine (USM) massage is called as “Dalk” and is frequently used as preventive, curative and rehabilitative purposes since centuries. Here we will discuss the indication of massage for the musculoskeletal disorders.

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