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Oct 04 2009

Unusual Spa Treatments

Doctor Fish
Japanese spa goers are currently enjoying the Doctor Fishes special foot bath, which some claim to help cure skin complaints. However this is no ordinary foot bath and certainly no ordinary doctor. Doctor Fish is in fact the Garra rufa fish, a tiny fish that eats the dead skin from the feet of visitors. So far the treatment has yet to take off outside of Japan, but if the treatment is as good as they say it might not be long till fish is on the menu and not just of the local chip shop.

Bain de Vin
Many spas offer a grate selection of food and drink for visitors to indulge in after there treatments, some however are taking things a bit further by offering the drinks as treatments themselves. At a thermal spa in Japan guests can bathe in red wine mixed with the natural hot spring waters. The red wine is supposed to rejuvenate the body and has been used since the days of Cleopatra who used to take red wine baths herself.

Ssssssnake Massage
This one is defiantly not f or the faint hearted. As the name suggests this massage is not give by a therapist it is instead give by a variety of snakes. The snakes are placed on the back of the spa patron and are allowed to writhe and wriggle away which apparently is very soothing and relaxing, once you have gotten over the initial terror of being covered in snakes!

Boozy Bath
A much more enticing prospect than the snakes, the Beer bath is an invention of a Czech brewery that has opened an adjacent spa. the have mixed healing mineral water with a specially brewed beer which is said to rejuvenate the skin. If that is simply not enough beer for you then fear not because a bath side bar will be serving the finest beer in the Czech Republic.

Charley and the Chocolate Bath
We have all probably got cover in chocolate as a child at one point or another and most of us will have gotten into trouble for it too, however this spa in Japan has other ideas. Chocolate is added to hot spring water and spa seekers can wallow in the chocolaty substance which is supposed to help keep moisture in the skin and keep the skin looking beautiful. It also has the added bonus of being delicious too.

Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow
A new spa at Caesars Palace in Las Vagas are offering people a chance to get away from all the heat of the desert by heading to there ice spa. In the ice spa snow falls gently down from the ceiling with mint infused air set at a constant 12 degrees Celsius.

The Midas Touch
Again in Japan they have come up with an exclusive spa treatment for gold lovers everywhere. Rather than just wearing gold jewelry people are now being given the chance to turn there face golden too. For a mere $250 24-carat gold leaf is placed over the face to create a golden mask the Pharos would have been proud of.

This article was written by Tom Sangers on behalf of Titanic Health Spa In Yorkshire who provide a relaxing and invigorating spa seekers.

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