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Mar 16 2010

Is there a difference between physiotherapist and physical therapist in singapore

21.05.2009 | Author: gabriellee | Posted in Health & Fitness
The term physical therapist and physiotherapist are exchangeable. The term physical therapist started in the United States, and physiotherapist has always been used in the UK. In Singapore, you’ll find most people use the term ‘physiotherapist’.

Many people are familiar with the physiotherapists’ role in rehabilitation after a musculoskeletal injury or surgery in the hospitals as well in private clinics. Getting patients how to get back to their normal activities as soon as possible. Some others have understood physiotherapy as treatment of in neurological conditions such as head injuries, strokes, parkinson diseases. You will also find physiotherapists treating cardiorespiratory conditions, such as post cardiac operation and rehabilitation. Physiotherapists have also entered into health and wellness, preventive programs into teaching, and providing consulting services to industry and recreation sports team.

Because physiotherapists are experts in movement disorder, it is important that you know that your provider is a REAL physical therapist or physiotherapist that is registered with your country’s association. In Singapore, there is a Singapore Physiotherapy Association for all qualified physiotherapists.
Although you may see some ‘clinics’ or even signs offering “physical therapy” or physiotherapy, the services offered may not be performed by a qualified professional in physiotherapy, therefore leaving you at risk of injury or worse. If you suffered from any injuries eg neck or back pain, it is not safe to go to any therapist or massage without proper qualifications or certifications especially those in the spa.

A physiotherapist has received several years of University training specialising in physiotherapy and completed the appropriate internships. They must meet rigorous standards of practice in order to continue treating patients. Physiotherapists exercise independent professional judgment in unique, complex and uncertain situations. Their services are designed to achieve optimal health outcomes and utilize resources efficiently and safely.

In Singapore private physiotherapy clinics, physiotherapist are primary health care professionals (just like doctors or dentists), meaning you can go directly to a physiotherapist. You do not require any doctor’s referral form to seek physiotherapy treatment. However, insurance companies sometimes require a doctor’s referral letter before they will reimburse the physiotherapy cost.

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