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Sep 29 2011

Common Spice Soothes IBS

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What in the world could curry and IBS have in common? The most common disorder in gastroenterology, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, is benefitted by the dominant ingredient in curry, turmeric.

New hope for IBS
PRIMEDIA Intertec and Gale Group

The popular yellow curry ingredient, turmeric–also known as curcumin–can play a role in improving the symptoms of irritable bowel Syndrome (IBS).

In a study at the University of Readings School c Food Biosciences in Great Britan, 66 percent of participants reported definite or some improvement in their overall symptoms. The study was released to the media on October 17, 2004.

IBS is the most common disorder in gastroenterology. Symptoms include abdominal pain and discomfort and altered bowel habits.

The supplements tested contained 72 mg of dried standardized turmeric extract. If you’d rather get that from eating curried dishes, good luck. Aside from the discomfort such foods may cause IBS patients, you’d need 1,800 mg of dried turmeric root daily to equal the potency of 72 mg of the extract.

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