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Apr 14 2015

themed yin and yang shoe and coat rack cabinet

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nothing can really prepare you for the enthusiasm coming from being able to draw a picture on a peace of paper and then be able to make it become a reality. Its been 20 years since i last made anything from wood, the last item i made was a tv cabinet made from solid ash when i was back at college and i remember the feeling when i had finished it there is nothing more rewarding. So here i am 20 years later going back to my roots so what better way than to start off and do something simple, ya right, it took a while to get things going in my head and the best way to do things, so this cabinet is only a test peace. The wood i have used for this came out of a house that was being knocked down and i got lots of it. Im not sure what type of wood that it is however i was told that its called oregon some a dark reddish in color and some a light brown, and needless to say because it is reclaimed wood and about 50 years old there are a few holes either from nails or bolts or wood eating insects however this all adds to the character of the cabinet. To start with the wood came in lengths from 4 meters to 6 meters long by 100mm by 50mm thick, so with that thickness there was a lot of time spent on the jointer and table saw to be able to get two 20mm peace out of each length cut, and this is repeated through out the entire process of the work peace, once peaces are all cut to size its then joining the wood together to make panels, these panels then make up the Caracas ( frame ) of what you are making. Its at this point when you can see things starting to go together. but no matter what you make it is important to make sure that you do a good job sanding the wood to get all the machine marks and rough sanding marks out, the higher the grit on the sand paper the more the grain of the wood will pop out when you finish it with lacquer.
on this cabinet you will see that the bottom cabinet is a lighter color and the top cabinet has a panel on one side the same color as the bottom and then goes darker on the top and other side this a a representation of yin going in to yang and yang going to yin, and the back panels go dark light dark light this means that yin is always in yang and yang is always in yin they cannot be separated, (for more on yin and yang go to our blog). for this reason can safely say they is no other cabinet like this in the world and a hugh pleasure to make, so this is one of my therapies, stay tuned for the table coming soon.

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